Amber Rose for Complex

First of all, I must say, "WOW". I absolutely adore Amber Rose! When I saw this online I was giggling and clapping my hands like a kid going to Disneyland. *clears throat* Ok, let me re-group now... Amber was first featured in Complex quite some time ago, but since she has rose to fame, Complex couldn't resist doing another shoot with her. Check out the interview and dope photos below.

Amber Rose's take on gossip blogs:

Amber Rose: This is my life, this is how my life’s been since I was a kid. I’ve always been popular, my name has always been in somebody’s mouth in high school. I don’t lose no sleep over this shit. Some of the stuff, when it’s extremely far-fetched and stupid, I just laugh. I don’t lose a minute of sleep over this.

Complex: Has your recent fame opened more doors for you?

Amber Rose: Obviously, Kanye is a super-duper megastar so he definitely gave me the fast track to the top, and I love him and appreciate him so much for that.

Complex: What’s one thing about ’Ye that really blew you away about him?

Amber Rose: Well, the fact that there can be a noise in the background, or like a windshield wiper and he will start beat-boxing or banging on the dashboard and start doing some type of beat and it sounds so fresh. I remember when he first did something like that and he just closed his eyes, and gets in the mode. I was like, “Wow.” You have to be a genius to that. He’s amazing.
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Amber is currently signed to Ford Models, one of the most, if not the most prominent modeling agencies in the world. She also plans to venture into acting. I'm not mad at you Amber, can't knock the hustle. I'm rooting for you!


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