If you don't know who Kid Cudi is, Google him and you will hear some of the best hip-hop you've heard from a budding artist since Lupe Fiasco. This "Kid from Cleveland" was discovered by none other than the "Amazing" Kanye West. Kid Cudi has recently made a name for himself with the 420 friendly single "Day N' Nite". After announcing his retirement and quickly changing his mind, Kid Cudi has an amazing new mixtape entitled "Dat Kid From Cleveland". I recommend "Look Up In Da Stars", "09 Freestyle", "I Poke Her Face" and "Super Boo". I'm diggin' the vector theme of the album artwork too! I see you Cudi...

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Neo-soul/R&B singer Jill Scott welcomed a son, Jett Hamilton Roberts at 4:20 p.m. on April 20. The father is Scott's fiancé, drummer Lil John Roberts. I didn't even know she was engaged... I'm happy for her though! Congratulations to the couple!

You have to give it to this man, or musical genius that is Raphael Saadiq I should say, for remaining relevant after all this years. For you young ones (born in 1990 or later), Google the man! He performed at a concert in Paris, France last week. From the looks of it, he's still got it...

Upon looking for some cool concert photos, I saw this one from a photo shoot Macy Gray recently did in Sin City. She looks good and happy. I can dig it.

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So, the other day I logged into my MySpace and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw an ad featuring a few hip-hop artists... One of them was Mike Jones--a 70 pound lighter version of him! (He's the one in the center) I always thought he was a decent looking dude, despite the contrary of what other's think (that he's no Kanye West or LL Cool J looks wise)... But now, he definitely is even easier on the eyes. I see you, Mike!

The controversial and great songwriting talent, Keri Hilson is featured in Clutch Magazine, an online urban publication that features the latest in hip hop, R&B, and pop culture. Keri talks about how she feels about her album and how she wants it to be empowering to women.

Keri (on her album): "‘I’d love for people to be able to listen to this album and be like ‘wow, I can talk about this with my girls or I can come out of this situation stronger,’ she said. ‘They’ll get to see someone who also made the mistake of making Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right…I just really want women to be able to relate to it and know that it’s okay to embrace your vulnerabilities and insecurities," she reveals.

Ryan Leslie, the man who helped Cassie literally become an overnight sensation is also spotlighted. Clutch Magazine highlights Leslie's path to success as well as his accomplishments, including his latest achievement, his self titled debut album.

“The album is actually self titled and I did so because the artists that always inspired me have always been the type like a Stevie Wonder or Prince who were self contained. They were the writers, producers, the songwriters, performers, everything …for me this album represents my version of an artistic expression in that vain. I am the writer producer, arranger, performer, and I recorded all the records myself.”

To read this interviews in their entirety, visit Clutch Magazine Online.

Amber Rose, Kanye's new girlfriend lies across his lap nude in an advertising campaign for the big kahuna of handbags that is Louis Vuitton. Check out the rest of the shoot below.


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