Not too long ago, I made a post about what I consider to be the phenom that is the "1-sided shave": In the post, I low key ranted about my frustration with designer/DJ Kesh's protest sans Diddy and Cassie on Twitter, saying that Cassie didn't start the movement, but many females before Cassie [including herself, see picture above] did. Here are a few excerpts from her blog regarding the "issue":

"1. I just wrote a whole post about this 'ethnic girl shaved head' trendkill & read it over and thought WHAT A FUCKIN WASTE OF MY TIME. There were pictures & evrything! So i deleted it and decided i'll just make a few points for ALL the people kickin up a fuss about who started what.

3. Kelis did it 3 years ago ..... forgive me if i wasn't paying attention but i was too busy writing out t-shirt buyers names on envelopes on my shitty rental bedroom floor and not listening to RnB music to notice.
4. I had no idea who JDavey was until after i shaved some of my hair. I don't listen to trendy hipster music or read music blogs to know who they were. After people said i copied her i was like WHO? googled Jdavey and was like oh... that's a mohawk. Different thing.
5. I'm not even going to talk about cassie or rihanna because theyre living a different life to me with teams of image consultants and stylists who comb through fashion blogs, magazines and trend reports and apply all the best things to their 'look'.

So let me just say again. I DID NOT START ANYTHING."

...Ok, hon'. You said you refuse to discuss Cassie or Rihanna, yet oh, do my eyes deceive me? You just blogged about them. Get outta here... I have been aware of Kesh's fashion sense for quite some time now, however, this whole backsliding-talk that she's been dishing out regarding who started what--or didn't start it for that matter, is a tad annoying.

If you look around, online, magazines, etc. you will see [if you haven't already noticed] that more an more women, particularly women of color are shaving either one side, or both sides of their head. Most recently, R&B singer Keyshia Cole donned her own version with red stars styled in her 'do. Four months later, Cassie is still rocking her one-sided shave; and Rihanna reportedly shaved the sides of her head for a photo shoot with Italian Vogue.

Photo & excerpts via: Kesh's Blog


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