Ok, so as many of you are aware, R&B singer/model Cassie shaved half of her head and caused a stir online and in the industry. Now, TV Personality (also NBA star Carmelo Anthony's fiance) LaLa Vazquez has done the same. She even gave a shout out to Cassie and credited her for starting "The Movement" for the bold haircut. Well, a few weeks ago, jewelry designer (Keri Hilson, Electrik Red) Melody Eshani posted a picture of herself circa 2005 rocking the same hairstyle, and pulled a backslide by saying "A pic of me and my new cut….in 2005 ….no dis to Cassie, it looks good on her. Im just sayin… dont be two thousand and late…lol". *straight face* Did I miss something here? Don't say you're not dissing someone when you took the time out of your day to...dis them, and then give a compliment; that doesn't make it any better.

Now, Internet "star" and British based fashion designer, Kesh has also got her retro undies in a bunch about who "started" the "look". On her Twitter, she rants about how she was "taking credit for a hairstyle that she and other girls have had for ages before she [Cassie] claimed it". Someone in a land far far away, in Africa, Europe or somewhere else, hundreds of years before we were even thought of, had the haircut too. I think everyone needs to get a grip and stop with all this "I started it", you need to give me credit talk. Even Diddy got in on it and Tweeted to Kesh, "Ok, you started it. Lol" Gotta love Diddy. Oh, and props to Cassie for holding her own and not letting these jealous people try and make her feel like less of an individual because of their own insecurities and ego trips. Cassie, if you read this, you have my vote!


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