Dania Ramirez for Maxim

Dania Ramirez from the hit TV series Heroes is featured in the June issue of Maxim magazine. Dania is one of my favorite actresses. The Dominican beauty has also starred in Spike Lee's controversial film, She Hate Me alongside Kerry Washington (Ray, Lakeview Terrace). Dania's natural acting ability a silent charm is what makes her stand out amongst her peers. Be sure to catch her on Heroes on NBC this fall.
(Photos: Antoine Verglas for Maxim)


  1. K. Michel said...
    Oh yeah, she has a nice little career for herself. Isn't she with one of the Terrero boys, Miss Candy?
    What Nigerian Women deal with. said...
    i love her so much.
    Ms.L said...
    Last time I checked, she was in a relationship...not sure with whom though... possibly, you could be right.
    Ms.L said...
    (@ K. Michel)

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