I know that there's a lot of fingers being pointed at the hip-hip community right now for various reasons. However, I was kind of surprised to hear that a Christian group out of the UK called out gangsta rapper 50 Cent "satanic", and demanded his retirement from rapping.

"London, Nov 8 - The Resistance, a Christian group, is asking rapper 50 Cent to retire because he is 'satanic'.

The group, which doesn't agree with the rapper's lifestyle and his lyrics, wants him to quit because he had said that he would do so himself if Kanye West's album 'Graduation' beat his album 'Curtis' on the album charts, contactmusic.com reports. The group is urging people to send requests to 50 Cent's MySpace.com asking him to quit music.

Mark Dice, group's spokesperson, said: 'It is time for 50 Cent to be a man of his word, and retire. The world will be a better place when this satanic piece of filth retires and stops making music."
-Earthtimes.org (UK)


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